fiction, 28 minutes, 35mm, 1:1,85, Dolby Digital, Cuba/ Germany, 2010


Night-time in a quarter of Havana.

A couple of men are playing a game of dominos while the women pass the time gossiping.

Out of the blue, a man finds the granddaughter of Mercedes and Ramón at a park close by.

It looks like she's been raped. The situation escalates, as chauvinist tendencies

are incited to the point that a culprit must be found at any cost.


The plot of the movie was inspired by real events. The law of retaliation,

which appeared in the first, most primitive societies, follows the concept of "tit for tat".

For Ramon and his friends this concept takes on a special and modern aspect,

since the male characters choose an equally primitive and perverse solution when they face the crime.

A solution very similar to the crime itself, which was the cause of this tragedy in the first place.

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© Gabriel Gauchet



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